Parisien Chic
Our upcoming Bloomington show unit is inspired by an adoring Parisien theme. A stunning twist of modern baroque and art deco, the 249 square meter show unit will showcase light colors and subtle baroque patterns. A dramatic black gourmet kitchen and sophisticated dining area.

Welcoming 2017
Refer and get

Pasar Tiban
by Anne Avantie

Kemang Village Happenings

Faith - A tribute
to George Michael

Kemang Village Happenings

Ari Lasso Live

Kemang Village Happenings
February Happenings

17 February 2017
19 February 2017

Indonesian Travel Fair
Atrium Mall

25 February 2017
26 February 2017

Artbound Universitas Indonesia
Atrium Mall

24 February 2017
26 February 2017

Kemang BBQ Party
Avenue of the stars


Kemang Village Management, also known as KVM, is the property management company that provides the building maintenance services at Kemang Village Residences. All officers and employees of KVM is committed to deliver quality building services such as the maintenance of the tower's common areas, common facilities and common equipment including provision of building security and safety services, general housekeeping, landscape and upkeep of the common grounds, maintenance of CCTV and security systems, waste management and pest control among others.

Whilst KVM maintains the common areas in the residential towers, owners or their lessees have the responsibility to maintain their own unit in good order to preserve the value of their individual investment asset. Therefore, KVM recommends the convenient Handyman Services by Home Care Unit for anything residents might need to be serviced in their unit at reasonable costs. For Handyman Services contact the Call Center at 557 77 557, 7 days a week from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM to request a service. You may also contact the Customer Service Officer at the helpdesk, Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM or email to and our Customer Service will immediately respond to serve you. In the event of an Emergency, contact the 24 Hours' Emergency No.: 021.546-0911.

Kemang Village Management
Realty Indonesia

Realty Indonesia

Did You Know?
Buying/Selling/Renting at Kemang Village is a breeze. Introducing Realty Indonesia-Kemang Village's official realtor.

Who is Realty Indonesia?
Realty Indonesia is a General agent that primarily takes care of many of Lippo Homes properties. Realty Indonesia provides up to date information on all Lippo Homes' property listing for sale, buy and/or rent, including Kemang Village.

Why Realty Indonesia?

  • All units that are for sale/lease are fully inspected beforehand as they must adhere to such standard provided and required by Realty Indonesia.
  • Best price guaranteed.
  • Ease and accountability of Representative as they have adequate training about each of Lippo Homes' development.
  • No mark up. Rest assured, we conduct fair business and only require a small percentage handling fee.

Need to know more? Call us at 0217255999 / 082110000735 and speak to our Representative

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